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About Us

Our Vision

At JDR Photography our vision is to skillfully capture authentic moments.  We are committed to delivering a seamlessly smooth and stress-free process. Our goal is to surpass expectations and ensure that our clients not only enjoy the journey but also fall in love with the extraordinary results we create together.  




I'm so glad that you found my website!

My photography journey is fueled by a fun, energetic personality. I bring a warm and familiar energy to the room as I try to make everyone that may not know me feel comfortable and at ease. I want to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves to the point where they forget I'm there.


As your wedding photographer, I am here to make sure every little detail and special moment is captured all while going with the flow of things. I am all about capturing you in your natural element as I believe this gives the most genuine memories. My style of photography is candid, prioritizing authentic moments.

Photographer / Owner


Enjoy the moment and have fun! I want to capture you in your natural element. 


We will stay away from the poses that feel unnatural to you. I like to capture shots that are the most YOU!

I can always tweak up a pose to make it a little more flattering.

JDR Photography

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Denny y llevo 13 años fotografiando. Soy una gran defensora del empoderamiento de la mujer y ayudo a reconocer la autoestima.

About Me

La fotografía no es solo mi trabajo, ¡es mi pasión!

Me encanta fotografiar, me encanta editar, pero lo que más me gusta es ver a mis clientes revivir con emoción momentos especiales cuando revisamos sus fotografías y productos seleccionados.

Un poco mas sobre mi...

Soy una tía orgullosa de mis sobrinas y sobrinos, así como una orgullosa madre perro de mi pitbull, SUKI.

Amo, amo, amo mi café por las mañanas.

Soy grande en las noches de juegos con amigos y en familia.

¡Mi color favorito es el verde! (de ahí el color de esta página 😆 )

Y la playa es mi lugar feliz :)

Country Wedding-5.jpg



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