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Mr. & Mrs. Denton

Intimate weddings were the thing in 2020! Small, intimate weddings are relatively quick from start to finish, however, packed with memorable moments. In this particular wedding, I was lucky enough to capture the process from the bride getting ready to the cake cutting within the 4 hours of coverage that comes with my starting collection, Collection One! My packages are carefully designed to cater from small to large Weddings. 

Country Wedding.jpg
Country Wedding-6.jpg
Country Wedding-7.jpg
Country Wedding-16.jpg
Country Wedding.jpg
Country Wedding-6.jpg
Country Wedding-12.jpg
Country Wedding-11.jpg
Country Wedding-15.jpg
Country Wedding-17.jpg
Country Wedding-27.jpg
Country Wedding-21.jpg
Country Wedding-20.jpg
Country Wedding-19.jpg
Country Wedding-26.jpg
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